The Occult Numerology of 9/11 – Updated

Occult 9-11 Rev2B-85 Qual

Further Numerology and Ritualized Elements

  • George H.W. Bush’s famous New World Order speech to congress was on 9/11/1990. Exactly 11 years before the attacks.
  • In that speech, Bush encodes another 9-11. “Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective, a New World Order” → 5. “An era in which the nations of the world: east and west, north and south…” → 4. 5+4=9.
    “100 generations have searched for this elusive path to peace, while 1000 wars waged across the span of human endeavor” →100+1000 = 110011

  • Through gematria we see the first plane, American Airlines Flight 11, actually encodes two 11s. A=1, so AA-11 = 11-11. This also hearkens to the spiritual organization founded by Aleister Crowley known as A∴A∴
  • The North Tower (WTC1) was impacted at 8:46:40 and collapsed at 10:28:22. An interval of ~101 minutes.
  • The South Tower (WTC2) was impacted at 9:03:00 and collapsed at 9:59:00. An interval of 56 minutes, 5+6=11.
    (Yes, those times times are exactly at the minute marks. 9:03:00 is the impact time given in the 9/11 Commission Report. However, NIST established this time as 9:02:59… Shucks, only one second off.)
  • September 11th was the 254th day of the year. 2+5+4=11
  • Thus, there were 111 days left in the year.
  • September 11th in the Gregorian calendar is New Year’s Day in the Coptic calendar, the calendar originating in Egypt, traditionally the source of all the Hermetic traditions.

Some more Aleister Crowley context: Since virtually every small number has some interpretation, even multiple conflicting ones, in mystical systems, it’s worth emphasizing that these aren’t just any mystical numbers. 11 is synonymous with magical power across many traditions, while 93 and 777 are no less than the most exalted numbers in Thelema. The role of 93 even has its own, dedicated Wikipedia page.

A primary concern of his study of numerology was finding a way to synthesize the 5 (microcosm) with the 6 (macrocosm). [I think this is one reason for the occurrences of 56 and 65 below] The Unicursal Hexagram, seen top right in the above graphic, is his geometric solution. ABRAHADABRA = 418 is the key numerical, gematria solution “Note the 11 letters, 5 A identical, and 6 diverse. Thus it interlocks Pentagram and Hexagram” (Equinox Vol. 1, No. 5 – Part II – The Universe As We Seek To Make It)
[All caps words in quotes below are transcribed Hebrew]

The Flights

  • 19 Hijackers.
  • AA Flight 11: 11 crew, 81 passengers
    • 8+1 = 9. So 11,9
    • Total = 11+81 = 92 (again, compressed 9.11 and one short of the exalted 93)
  • UA Flight 175: 9 crew, 56 passengers. Total = 65
    • 5+6 = 11. So 9,11
  • Thus, both flights that struck the twin towers encode 9/11
  • AA Flight 77: 6 crew, 58 passengers. Total = 64
    • I’m uncertain about deeper significance here. Except this attribution of 64 which supports the idea of 77 as entrapment in the material: “64=26, will be the perfect number of matter, for it is 8, the first cube, squared.” also “64. DIN and DNI, intelligences (the twins) of Mercury.” (Equinox Vol. 1, No. 5 – Part I – The Universe As It Is)
  • UA Flight 93: 7 crew, 37 passengers. Total = 44.
    • As related above, 93 is the path of ascent associated with the highest human state of 777, the “grand scale” of 7.
    • 37 can be read as “three sevens”, a notion supported by Crowley’s writing:
    “37. IchIDH. The highest principle of the Soul, attributed to Kether. Note 37 = 111 ÷ 3.” (q.v.). (Kether is the highest sphere, the Crown, on the Tree of Life)
    • Concerning 44: “Useful to me chiefly because I had never examined it and so had acquiesced in it as accursed. When it was brought by a messenger whose words proved true, I then understood it as an attack on the 4 by the 11. ‘Without shedding of blood (DM=44) there is no remission'” (q.v. – Part II – The Universe As We Seek To Make It)

If it seems unbelievable that the numbers of people here could have been contrived, I point out that irregularities in official records have led some to question whether these flights were even scheduled for that day.

The Goat and 77

  • There was even chanting by the school children who were demonstrating their reading skills to President Bush at the time. Listen here as they’re led reciting all together “Kite, Kit, Steel, Plane, Must”. Followed by the more famous reading of the story “The Pet Goat”
    (Note: kid = baby goat. The story is essentially a Luciferian one. The girl’s father wants to be rid of her pet goat because of its destructive tendencies, eating everything. But then the goat saves the day by head-butting a would-be car thief.  So the dad declares the goat can stay and eat whatever it wants.)
  • Speaking of goats, here is what Crowley has to say about 77: “OZ, the Goat, scil. of the Sabbath of the Adepts. The Baphomet of the Templars, the idol set up to defy and overthrow the false god – though it is understood that he himself is false, not an end, but a means. Note the 77 = 7 X 11, magical power in perfection.” (q.v. Part II – The Universe As We Seek To Make It)
  • There was a white plane seen circling above Washinton D.C. as events unfolded. This mystery plane was later identified as an E-4B (an advanced communications platform) with the callsign… VENUS77
    • Venus is relevant in this context because in its Morning Star manifestation it is a representation of Lucifer, and because the conjunctions of Venus with the Sun over time form the points of a pentagram (or pentagon).
  • The Pentagon also happens to lie in the 77th meridian W.
    (In addition to being 7 stories, with 25 → 7 sides, 77ft tall, hit by Flight 77, which flew for 77 minutes…)

Etc. ad infinitum

  • There is an anniversary memorial that consists of two light beams cast into the sky near the towers’ former location. The beams are formed by 88 individual fixtures (44 for each tower). Why that exact number of lights? I can’t seem to find any statement from its creators. Here’s where I see it connect symbolically… and it’s rather grim for what’s supposed to be a tribute to the victims.
    • As seen above, 44 is the gematria value of DM, blood. “Here 4×11 = the corruption of the created world” (q.v. Part I)
    • Despite looking like the epitome of squareness, the towers were actually octagons with very short “corner” sides. Hence, looking from above the towers formed a geometric 8-8. (This also connects with Back to the Future. “If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you’re gonna see some serious shit.”)

“More to come…”


The Libri of Aleister Crowley

What On Earth Is Happening, Podcast #69:

The Most Dangerous Book In The World – 9/11 As Mass Ritual. By S.K. Bain, Trine Day, 2012.



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How I Knew Trump Would Win: Codes, Mind Games, and Subtle Mockery in the Presidential Campaign


I just wish I had realized it sooner. Please let me assure you that the surprise factor, the “shock and awe” so many folks have been feeling, was by design. It may feel as if you’ve woken up in Bizarro world and nothing is quite real anymore. Welcome! I’ve been waiting for you. I’m going to be one of those awful people and encourage everyone to take a deep breath and a step back from the drama, but don’t think I mean to imply everything will be hunky dory. Ooooh my no!

It was only about a week before election night that I finally ran into the fact that sealed the coffin of my estimates of a Clinton victory. That fact was this: At the end of inauguration day, 1/20/17, Donald Trump’s age will be exactly 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days. If I had known nothing else about this election I still would have heavily favored a Trump win on this fact alone, simply because the number 7, especially 777, was emphasized this year. Wild conspiracy theory and rather glib at that? Well, I agree! except to say that the true test of any theory is its ability to make accurate predictions. The simple fact is that I would have been right and the entire mainstream media, most of the “new media”, even the most academic meta-analyses were all wrong.

Fair warning to believers in either candidate. I want to explain and share my observations for whoever is interested, but I’m going to have to run roughshod over justifying premises many will find hard to swallow and jump right into the deep end. But hey, what’s wrong with the deep end? It’s just the side of the pool where you have to keep swimming without the security of being able to touch bottom. I would rather do more synthesis and due diligence, but what can I say? I’m really feeling the acceleration of time right now myself and I want to push this out while the energy is still fresh.

As far as the campaign, I’m sharing mostly my own observations and ideas. I hardly paid attention to any conspiracy-minded sources on the race (there aren’t any I really trust for “news” anyway) and I only dug into the “legit” coverage intermittently. Yet, when I did, I was usually spotting something subtle that jumped out at me as a higher-level form of trickery. A couple premises I had already arrived at going into this race:

  1. When it comes to mass media, the deception is far worse than bias and echo chambers. I mean both News and Entertainment. These organizations are reality artists who regularly create “truths” that are, to some degree, scripted – or even staged outright. Subliminal associations are used for emotional manipulation and to prime people for upcoming events.
  2. “Revelation of the Method”: Those who run this show are fond of putting their fingerprints and intentions out in plain view, albeit in occulted/cryptic ways. They also seem to be fond of subtly mocking those who buy into the lie. (I feel I’m at an advantage here because my own sense of humor can be pretty twisted and dark, so I get it. I must confess, sometimes I can’t help but laugh with these bastards)

The Numbers Game

Another part of media manipulation is timing and signalling with numbers. I don’t pretend to have more than a Kindergarten level understanding of it, and I haven’t found anybody out there discussing it that seems to be much further. The fact remains that this is clearly seen with pre-indications of 9/11 going back decades across all forms of media (This is just a small sample) (Also see my infographic of symbolic numbers in the event itself). The confirmation I had personally came last year when I saw the news stories about an incoming piece of mysterious space junk designated “WT1190F”. WTF indeed? I was already used to the idea that space missions and stories are used to play these games. For instance, Apollo 11 was launched 7/16/1969 which reduces to 7/7/7 (7 / 1+6=7 / 1+9+6+9 = 25 -> 2+5=7), while Apollo 13 was launched on the “13th minute, of the 13th hour, of the 13th day” (Of all the mission numbers to ham up like that why choose unlucky 13? Seems like they were almost trying to jinx it, eh?)

So I thought: “Well, we can count on Something significant happening that day it enters the atmosphere. Probably terrorism-related because of the reversed 911.” Lo and behold that day, Nov. Friday the 13th. brought the Paris terror attacks. I, myself, was shocked at actually being right!

I started paying even more attention along these lines and it became clear that a big number this year was 7, especially 777 (which is probably the most important number in the Thelema occult system). The Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando had its own codes and shenanigans going on, but relevant here is the odd coincidence of a gathering of Christians on the National Mall the next month dubbed “Reset 2016”, or “Together 2016” and put on by an organization called “Pulse” which happened 7/7/16 (1+6=7 so 7/7/7). Their website featured an American Sign Language logo at the bottom, which also happens to look like the astrological sign for Cancer. So, I pulled up the charts to discover that the Sun, Mercury, and Venus would all be in Cancer that day and that two of those would tick ahead into degrees that are numerological 7s (Sun in 16th, Venus in 25th).


Flip the clock over.

“Back to the Future” is perhaps the most important coded movie of all time. I think many are aware now that it codes the 9/11 attacks in several different ways, but the ending provides two other numbers.

The 9-11 is easy to spot, formed by the neon auto sign and flaming tracks. But the wire crossing the tracks also briefly forms a 77, and the fateful time when lightning strikes the clock tower is 10:04. (7/7 London attacks are another possible link here). It so happens that 10/4 this year was the last day of Rosh Hashana, when the Hebrew calendar entered the year 5777 (Don’t misunderstand, so not pointing the finger at Jews!). I’m also intrigued by the idea that Biff Tannin’s character in the films is a representation of Trump…

Speaking of 9/11, the first big doubts I had about an ultimate Clinton victory came with her fainting during the 9/11 anniversary ceremony in New York. I now think the argument over whether it was “pneumonia” or a “secret terminal illness” is completely pointless. The important point is the association thus formed: “Clinton – 9/11 attacks – collapse”. The public was being psychologically primed to associate a Clinton defeat with the terror of the 9/11 attacks and shocking collapse of the towers. Which is exactly what the nation woke up to on 11/9.

So, when I saw this high strangeness it was another angle of the lines I was already thinking along.
(Worth reading but here’s a brief summary: Trump’s victory was promoted by “meme magic” on the 4Chan anonymous image board. Seemingly unrelated, the acronym KEK replaced LOL in popularity and Pepe the Frog became meme mascot of the Trump campaign. The weird part is, Kek is a frog-headed Egyptian deity who represents the ‘darkness before the dawn’. The other weird part is that 4Chan already attached significance to repeat digits in post ID#s, and pro-Trump posts were often hitting them. Particularly, guess what, repeating 7s)

My question: If this was genuinely independent users the amazing “gets” would indeed be Chaos Magick. For someone inside the system though, wouldn’t it be easy to automatically cue up posts to be added in the desired sequence?

(I know there were some other interesting repeating 7 associations but I’ve exhausted my notes for now. Will add when I have time.)

Mind Games & Sly Mockery

During the primaries, as I saw Bernie cheated out of the process and Trump winning despite all expectations, my impression became that the script here was to polarize and rip America apart internally. Moreso than usual with these things! – Along as many lines as possible. If we had had a race between Bernie and Trump, there would have been two different voices speaking to dissatisfaction with the status quo and we could have had actual conversations about previously “given” policy areas like trade deals and foreign intervention. Instead, we ended up with only the right-wing, nationalist side of that critique (with xenophobic threads in tow) pitted against The Establishment and months of nearly-pure rhetoric and finger-pointing.

But you know, why I don’t I start with lighter, possible subliminals. Like this terrifying little gem.

  • First thing to realize is that the music is a dance version of “Over There”. How fitting that a song originally meant to rally support for a war most Americans were initially against was enlisted for the Trump campaign.
  • The girls’ performance seems rather quaint and under-rehearsed. I don’t buy it though, it’s totally at odds with the polished production of the track.
  • On the line “On your feet”, the littlest one actually drops to her knees. The mockery: your “stand” with Trump is actually a form of submission.
  • I was not expecting these lines to end this way “Ameritude / American pride / It’s attitude it’s who we are / Stand up tall”… It doesn’t even rhyme! In fact, the first time I saw this I was expecting it to finish “Stand aside”, which does.

I also saw some of the already-loud narratives being reinforced through the staging of the debates. One of these was that Trump represents the worst in misogyny, and that criticisms and loathing for Clinton were driven by sexism. Both, I think, are true to an extent, but were overblown into cartoonish proportions. Note the Declaration of Independence background.
(Hmm Brexit vote with a surprise nationalist win, Independence Day sequel released the next day … seems like another theme this year)

First Presidential Debate.png

Note that Trump had the word “Men” framed right above his head most of the time, whereas the top of Hillary’s head was nestled in “Right of the People”. So, Trump is associated with men in general while Clinton is the “right people” or has the right of the people. Trump: troglodyte devil (or masculine avatar to those who wanted that), Clinton: elder stateswoman (savior to her base).


Glower Power

This is another one I spotted in the town-hall style debate. Trump kept looming behind Clinton while she was answering questions like the domineering creeper he is, right? “Wrong”, I said to myself, it’s just the camera angle and small stage. We could easily see the reverse image tonight if they decide to show it … nope. (Ok, a little harder given the height difference)


Wait, Tim. I thought you were the Dad. OK, if you’re the Warrior then I’ll play Dad

Note also that, in the first Presidential debate and the Vice Presidential one, the candidates were wearing the color of the opposite party. Actually, this stunt is far from unprecedented, as a friend pointed out. He expressed his view that this was a subtle trick to pull in people attached to the other party: “See? You can trust me. I represent your values”. I can believe that, but I also I see another, mocking, level here: “Do you really buy into this theater so thoroughly to believe that the two major parties represent any real opposition given our core consensus? That we’re anything but two wings of the same life and liberty destroying apparatus?”

It was a few months ago I started to spot the outright fakery in play. Clinton rallies were very poorly attended, yet the media was reporting on them as if all was well. They were going so far as to inflate the apparent attendance with tricky camera angles and even (I think it can be demonstrated) the crowd enthusiasm with canned sound and digital manipulation.


Clinton’s Greensboro, NC rally. This photo is the most packed-looking one I could find.


To be fair, this is before the event started. But it still demonstrates that the gym was barricaded off to use less than half the available space.

I gave up after about four solid hours of trying to determine whether the below can happen through mere encoding errors or not. Sure is fishy in light of the other tricks used in this event though. Video


Meanwhile, Trump rallies were clearly, undeniably drawing crowds an order of magnitude larger or more to great excitement. Here’s the Trump rally in North Carolina three days before Clinton’s.


In addition, many of the headline-grabbing polls had atrocious methodologies, creating the impression of Trump’s chances being slim. Many of the alternative and conspiracy-minded voices out there, including Trump’s homeboy Alex Jones, see Trump as the opponent of the elite and believe the Democrats and allies were trying to fix the outcome in their favor, but I don’t think the point was actual victory. Hiding your own floundering and the growing groundswell of your opponent is a good way to keep an image of strength, but absolutely NOT the way to mobilize voters and win the election. Again, I think the point was to maximize the surprise factor and the rampant finger-pointing that’s happening now.

Trump is an unpredictable demagogue, but fear of him as the next Hitler is just that: fear-provoking propaganda. It seems to me Trump’s most deplorable stances and rhetoric were for mobilization, not his real values (whatever those are…). Suspicions that violence at Trump rallies was being provoked by leftist agents was partially confirmed by Wikileaks. The fires are stoked by both sides. Real haters have been emboldened by their champion’s victory, but liberals have also been pulled into their own authoritarian side through fear. Behavior like this from the “love” bloc has risen Liberals Attack Homeless Woman for Guarding Trump’s Hollywood Star

If the Clinton campaign has been pulling liberals into authoritarianism, the mocking confirmation of that came with her final rally in Raleigh. The gang of celebrity endorsers included Lady Gaga, dressed like a representative of The Fourth Reich from some near-future dystopian movie. Complete with red arm band!


Wait… this is the team that’s going to SAVE us from the rise of Fascism? …

In Closing

So … massive can of worms just to explain my reasons. I tell you though, the more I learn the more skeptical I become of All explanations of how the world works. Unlike many who think of themselves as #woke or truthers, I don’t believe I actually have a firm grasp on the real structure of what I like to call “The Cryptocracy”, on who/what is actually behind it. Just its existence and basic methods. I don’t know how one can draw clear lines between what’s an organic synchronicity, or “real magic”, and what’s an engineered game. I don’t trust that Wikileaks etc. aren’t part of the script themselves. In my opinion, this has all been a centrally organized dance. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Trump represents one faction of the deep state overthrowing another. Maybe he’s the avatar of Kek who will save us from the enslavement of Moloch. Maybe all of the above.
I think it’s more important to unlearn lies than to believe I have an answer.

Hmm, the mouth is a little too big…

I don’t know the route from here, but I remain confident that the intended destination is violence. Somehow, to provoke massive internal strife that will justify the creation of the very full-on totalitarian system that both Left and Right are afraid of coming only from the other side. The Illuminati card game has some strikingly prophetic illustrations in it. If we take this one as a representation of Trump, one possibility is his assassination (The caption reads “At any time, at any place, our snipers can drop you. Have a nice day”). That would certainly be a potent trigger to launch a civil war … but there are others.

Other folks are providing plenty of advice on getting involved to create resilient communities etc. So I’ll just share the most important advice I have:

Become 1000% more skeptical of all mass media you consume. Turn off your TV. I know few people watch TV news these days, but you can’t take for granted that any TV show is “just” for entertainment. It’s no secret that watching it induces a hypnotic state of heightened suggestibility. If you’re going to indulge (I still do occasionally 😛 ) try not to let your critical mind turn off. Constantly examine the details of what’s being presented.

If something huge and shocking happens, automatically disengage from the official narrative unless and until it’s actually proven. The emotional reaction is the key to solidifying a false reality. As soon as you accept the reality, the basic premise, you’re already being funneled to a limited number of conclusions.

If fear rules within us, others will continue to rule us through it.
If we rule ourselves through love, we can’t help but act like human beings.

Update 11/15/16

Ah! Can’t believe I forgot to include this. It was a while ago that I made the association between the Hillary campaign logo and this most-famous T-shirt design.

But there’s even more here than another example of underhanded mockery. After this post was shared, one sharp Facebook user pointed out another image this evokes that reinforces the point I made above about her collapse on 9/11.

Seems to me her campaign was indeed built to fail. Just like the towers.

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Stranger Things – A Spiritual Take: Part 2

This is an expansion on my previous post. If you haven’t already seen the entire first season and read part 1, I suggest you do so first.

=== Spoilers Galore! ===

Holy Cow were the creators of this show able to pack a lot of references into a simple, familiar package. Rewatching it again by jumping around in sequence has led to different details and interrelations standing out, so there’s certainly more to discuss. I’ll start out with comments on some of the key characters I neglected last time, then detail a couple more symbolic themes to lay the groundwork for more integrative territory (Or, half-baked mania, as the case may be.)

To recap, I associated Will with the connection to higher, Divine Will and I’m looking at the show from an allegorical perspective of the Divine Union – the balanced integration of care and will, masculine and feminine – as the means to find this connection.

Mike, Lucas, and Dustin – The ABCs of Friendship


Our intrepid party of rather-tall Hobbits serves as another representation of a polarity of psycho-spiritual traits and the balance and integration between them. Mike is more intuitive, care-driven, and trusting, while Lucas is more skeptical, action-oriented, and independent. Fortunately, Dustin is there to uphold “The Rule of Law” and make sure their fights don’t ruin the friendship. Dustin shares some traits with both of them and can translate his understanding between them. Poor Dustin takes on a lot of responsibility for the group, which comes out best in the lines where he vents his total exasperation.

“Sometimes your total obliviousness just blows my mind. He’s your best friend right? […] Then this girl shows up and starts living in your basement and all you ever want to do is pay attention to her.”

-“That’s not true!”

“Yes it is. And you know it, and he knows it. But no-one ever says anything until you both start punching and yelling at each other like goblins with Intelligence scores of zero.”

The gang may be short in years, but they’re actually more advanced in their valuation and practice of friendship than any other characters in the show. They’re all fierce advocates of their own perspectives and they definitely fight a lot, but they also live by a code and are willing to own up to their transgressions once they see their fault. It’s easy to imagine that their socially marginal position in the dark dimension called “Middle School” has helped them better appreciate real acceptance and loyalty. I identified Joyce and Hopper as the exemplars of the internal integration of forces and the boys are illustrating balanced integration in the external, social realm.

When Lucas splits off after he and Mike fight, the lesson he’s presented with is parallel to Johnathon’s – namely that he can’t do it alone. At some point, trust and reliance on others is required. (Although, come to think of it Lucas going off alone was hardly bad in itself. He basically succeeded in locating the gate and was able to warn the others about the descending hordes of Bad Men. So… interdependence is superior to either total independence or total unity). Mike’s lesson is parallel to his sister Nancy’s – don’t let the excitement of new love blind you to the needs and desires of your existing friends.


As I said last time, Eleven’s experiences of true care and friendship help her to find internal strength and summon the courage to face the Demogorgon. The jump to the intro sequence in Chapter 7 comes when Mike and Lucas finally shake hands to reconcile. My impression was that this was just as “supernatural” a moment as any of the others used for this cut. Friendship is shown as an alchemical act that not only becomes more than the sum of its parts, but makes the parts themselves more than they were.

Barbara and Nancy – Inner Strength vs. Social Pressures


Clearly Besties!

There’s been a big stir of support and outrage over Barb. It’s understandable, seeing as the show gives a rather marginal treatment to the friend who’s already treated marginally. I must say, though, that the evidence in the show doesn’t leave her totally faultless. Don’t get me wrong – I really liked both Barb and Nancy and it’s not like I “had my shit together” in High School!

In terms of the larger theme, Barb is tragically lacking in will and a sense of self-respect. Even though she may know better she acquiesces to Nancy’s desires every step of the way. As Dustin, Joyce, and El illustrate throughout the show, sometimes the only way to stand in your own power and for what’s right is to firmly say “no“.  Barb is too wounded by Nancy’s indifference, though, and actually fails them both by bowing out again. She shows her unfailing loyalty by waiting at the house, but I think it’s not the kind of loyalty Nancy needed just then. Nancy needed some harsh truth about the damage she was causing to their relationship. “Remember how you told me to protect you from getting drunk and doing something stupid? This is it. You want to have fun while I drive home alone with a bleeding hand? Fine, but don’t say I didn’t tell you so.”

Instead, she broods by the pool. If this had been a straight drama instead of horror, the drops in the water could just as well have been tears alone. This scene makes me wonder if the Demogorgon, which is psychic after all, is drawn to emotional wounds as much as the flesh variety. With Nancy’s betrayal, Barb lost her protection from really internalizing the “frumpy sideliner” personification of her peers and it saps her of her power. The weight of her dejection is already pulling her into inner darkness, so perhaps the monster found it that much easier to find her and drag her all the way.

To be sure, Barb’s short-falling as a friend is trivial compared to Nancy’s, even though she pays the ultimate price. So I’m afraid I’m not done with Nancy either. I mentioned last time how Steve is deeply culturally programmed and so is Nancy when we meet her. The butterfly stickers Steve spontaneously points to in Nancy’s locker (with his smug-flirtatious “Hmm”) may be a nod to Monarch mind control, while the teddy bear Steve uses to ironically scold himself could be another nod (in addition to referencing Scream). However, the parallels aren’t literal. The form of control she’s under is of a more prosaic and subtle cultural kind.


Nancy is living in a world where being considered “good” and praiseworthy is more about checklists of standards, not real goodness or character. The studying we see her doing for the chemistry test consists solely of rote memorization with flash cards. Pure, context-free memory and recall. She even spits out the answer before Steve finishes reading a question. Now, this must also be a product of her educators’ style, but it goes to show that in such an environment one can earn top grades without really being challenged or developing durable, higher-level skills. (I was fortunate to have a High School chemistry teacher who was a real harsh stickler about demonstrating flexible understanding. My grades in that class were purdy mediocre. I sure was glad for the experience when I got to College level, though).

I find it disturbing how, whenever Nancy tries to stand up for herself or express discomfort early on, Steve’s responses are dismissive and belittling, yet Nancy is still hopelessly charmed by the playful tone. What’s going on here? While the face of the show is a massive love note to retro American pop culture, the back side gestures towards the darker aspects. We don’t really see direct evidence in the show, but we all know the movie stereotypes – e.g. the “charming bad boy” who comes into the life of the “good girl” and shakes it up with excitement. Nancy doesn’t even realize it, but she’s been conditioned to respond positively to this brand of brash self-assurance. Steve has “All the Right Moves”.

Johnathon observes that she’s “just another suburban girl who thinks she’s rebelling by doing exactly what every other suburban girl does,” but he doesn’t appreciate that she’s not really trying to rebel. Her mistaking of Steve’s advances as real care, and of her decision to have her first sex with him as real romance are unfortunate, but wouldn’t have catalyzed tragedy but for the simple fact that teenage sex was taboo. She almost had to sneak around social standards just to explore this basic part of the human experience. Who knows, maybe she had never been so dishonest before, but once she decided to take Steve’s invitation to the wild side she was getting there by hook or by crook. Her real tragedy is that she got so carried away she treated Barb like just another obstacle.

Nancy’s mom tries to be supportive. She pleads with Nancy that “you can talk to me”, but the accusation lacing her questions (“So is Steve your boyfriend now?”) doesn’t inspire much confidence. Unfortunately, her mom isn’t the only one Nancy has to worry about. The next day at school she feels like eyes of judgement are cast upon her. It’s not as if sex “outside of bounds” is unheard of in the community, but the double-standards between men and women are stark. Hopper has gotten around, but the worst he has to face is snickers from his fellow cops and a witheringly dry tell-off from the librarian. Nancy has to navigate a schizoid set of judgements where she’s openly shamed as being either a slut, or as somehow too pure and haughty.

As for why Nancy ends up staying with Steve, I hesitate to pin it down to one thing because the show doesn’t explain much at the end. There’s the positive, self-empowered aspect: that she really did sense Steve’s basic goodness and he made big, tangible strides to redeem himself. There’s also the dis-empowered, bowing to social standards aspect: that staying with Steve was the easiest way to dispel the slut label, and that Steve, unlike Johnathon, is from a “normal” family with money and good social standing. Nancy and Steve both learn hard lessons about what real care means. They’ve grown a lot already, but I feel like their potential trajectories in particular could still have big twists going forward.

“You Really Need To Learn More About Compasses”

Dustin’s awareness of basic truths goes beyond relationship dynamics. His incredulous admonishments of Mike and Dustin for their ignorance of the science of compasses is directed out of the screen to the audience as well.

The kids’ quest is informed by science and helped along by technology. While these prove useful tools, ultimately they’re not enough. First, Eleven is able to find Will and form a link helped by the walkie-talkie. When he slips too far away, she’s able to reconnect by upgrading to the new, serious business radio kit in the A/V club. After this, they make progress only by sliding down the complexity scale. Mr. “Encyclopedia” Clarke’s insight that an inter-dimensional gate would create an electromagnetic disturbance leads the kids to hunt it down using the simplest of navigation devices. (“Do you see a battery pack? No, because it doesn’t need one.”) When the disparate characters come together at last, El again tries the radio to no avail. In the end, she can only find Will and Barb in the sensory deprivation bath, where she herself becomes the compass needle!

The needle of a compass can only align with the relatively subtle magnetic field of the Earth is because it’s floating in water, free from the more powerful forces of friction that would otherwise hold it in place. Similarly, Eleven shows that technological means pale in comparison to her internal power when freed from the friction of material, sensory consciousness. She’s also quite directly making up for manipulating the boys’ compasses before and facing her own, deep-seeded fears.

But Eleven is so much more than a magnetized sliver of metal. She’s a human being and isn’t limited to passively aligning with a powerful force. Through her inner space, she can connect to all things – align herself wherever she chooses to reach out and direct her attention. The Men Who Stare At Goats may be a typical limited hangout, but at least it nudges the audience with the opening card – “More of this is true than you would believe”. (For a lab that’s doing fascinating work in the open using nifty science tools to investigate remote viewing and the interconnections of consciousness see here.)

I know I’m going to get back on top of my neglected meditation practice. Thanks, El!

I like Vigilant Citizen’s idea that the gate is metaphorically disrupting the moral compasses of the whole town, and I would extend it further. The very term “true North” shows the high conceptual correspondence between truth and morality. I characterized the Upside Down as a realm of collective Shadow, so the subtle, internal guides that should lead people to Truth and Right instead point to the obfuscations of the powerful and the gateway to inner, submerged darkness! No wonder the town’s jerks and buffoons are so sure of themselves and the world, while those hunting for Will and Barb are torn apart in angst. They’re the ones sensitive enough to feel something is wrong from the pull of what’s actually right. If courageous action is the actualization of the Divine Union, we can add that sensitivity is a key factor which leads to it. I can’t find the original source, but this quote attributed to philosopher Henri Bergson encapsulates this theme of the show perfectly.

“Fortunately, some are born with spiritual immune systems that sooner or later give rejection to the illusory worldview grafted upon them from birth through social conditioning. They begin sensing that something is amiss, and start looking for answers. Inner knowledge and anomalous outer experiences show them a side of reality others are oblivious to, and so begins their journey of awakening. Each step of the journey is made by following the heart instead of following the crowd and by choosing knowledge over the veils of ignorance.”

Eleven Means Exactly What She Says – Pain and Duality

Upon reading and reflecting more, I now have no doubt that The Demogorgon is an aspect of Eleven herself. See this excellent video for a rundown of the clues and reasoning behind this. When Eleven confesses to Mike, we’re led to accept his interpretation that she’s just being hard on herself.

“The gate… I opened it. I’m the monster.”

But, while Eleven uses metaphors to explain certain abstract concepts, she’s otherwise right to the point.

I add to this one more flagrant, symbolic clue. In addition to the magical force, one of the prime esoteric meanings of the number 11 is duality, both its schism and its synthesis. 11 is an even more extreme expression of polarity than 2. It’s 1 and 1. If 1 is unity, 11 is as if unity has split into two aspects both asserting independent wholeness. This writer is a wee bit rash in his snootiness: “while a stoner’s post-bong-hit observation in support of this corollary might go, ‘Dude, the number 11 reads the same right side up and upside down — whoa!'”

… uh yes, and forwards and backwards too! A reflection of itself [puff, puuuuff] – just like Eleven reflected in the void space.


This meaning is very widespread in esoteric thought, but I’ll just cite a couple instances from what I know (low-level Wizard here). Note the dual pillar theme in play on the Tarot cards II and XI

From “The Temple Of Solomon The King” by Aleister Crowley – (Part 1 – The Universe As It Is)

10. The Decad, the divine End. Represents the 1 returning to the 0. Derived from 1 + 2 + 3 + 4.

11. The Hendecad, the accursed shells, that only exist without the divine Tree. 1 + 1 = 2, in its evil sense of not being 1.

I speculated last time that the monster was Eleven’s awareness of the beastly system of abuse she was imprisoned in, but I think we can get more specific. I favor the idea that MK Ultra and related programs are probably more about psi phenomena than “mind control”. For one, LSD and other psychedelics are a terrible choice for this purpose. For another, if one accepts the existence of Satanic ritual abuse practices, then effective mind control techniques were already known from antiquity. The core method of ritual abuse and modernized trauma-based mind control is to create splits in the personality through a series of traumas, ideally starting in infancy. Stranger Things could certainly be a limited hangout in this because even if only a small fraction of the alleged techniques involved are true, what we see of Eleven’s abuse would still be the G-Rated version. Note, however, the line extending between Papa’s legs in her drawing, which hints at sexual abuse.


Creating a split personality isn’t presented as the purpose of the research at Hawkins Lab, but the corollaries are easy to draw. Eleven had to maintain a conscious perception of Dr. Brenner as her beloved “Papa”, while burying all awareness of the truth that he was her prime tormentor. She had to go along with the tasks demanded of her, even though she must have been aware her efforts were to be used for evil purposes. So, she attached all this darker, painful awareness onto something else.

The cabal in Hawkins Lab was trying to reach the heights of hidden knowledge through abusive methods. They couldn’t even predict the catastrophic consequences. The void world of Eleven’s sensory deprivation trances ties into the undersea imagery of The Upside Down. In her inner mental space she’s skating on the boundary layer between the surface and the submerged. Here, she can find things that exist in The Upside Down, but isolated in this middle realm. The gate opens when she makes contact with The Demogorgon. It’s as if once she touches it she is made instantly aware of their co-identity. She recoils in sheer horror, but she cannot escape the bond. She flees so violently that she rips a hole out of the realm of Shadow itself.

This theory helps bring things back around to where I started. Even after I identified Will as symbolizing The Magician card and Keter at the crown position in the Tree of Life, I was still bothered by the question of why he was taken. Remembering the dualistic aspect of the number 11 provided an answer. Crowley’s point of 11 being “the accursed shells, that only exist without the divine Tree” is very relevant here. Looking again at the cover image, Eleven occupies roughly the position of Daath (Knowledge).

Daath is not, properly, one of the ten Sephiroth. It is the soul in complete unity – the undifferentiated seed from which the rest of the tree grows. El was a pure and innocent child, but her sufferings split her in two. Metaphorically, the 0 or [no number] was forced into 11, and the very foundations of the Tree were sundered. The mystical state of Keter, the intermediary with the divine Will, is only achieved through balanced integration and so was the first to be lost.

This leads to the question: can all of the key characters in Stranger Things be related to the Tree Of Life? I’ve got some ideas to share in the next installment…

I’ll give you a hint, though. The cover image only decodes it so far.

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Stranger Things – A Spiritual Take

Cover Image - Stranger Things

I gave up television in general a while back (“The television screen has become the retina of the mind’s eye…”). However, last week I was in a place where I ended up breaking that fast and I’m so glad I chose the Netflix original series Stranger Things to do it. It’s like a warm bath of retro pop culture familiarity, but it’s also laden with its own themes and subtext that make it much more than just a sugary, nostalgic treat to be passively consumed. I feel we get a depth of connection to the characters that much of the show’s source material never managed, making the horror seem all the more real. The reality of the secret programs and inhuman treatments behind the show’s fictional mad scientist operation only adds to this.

You don’t need to be conspiracy minded to note that this year has seen a lot of strangeness, chaos, and pulling back the veil of hidden things. Stranger Things fits right in with this increasingly surreal zeitgeist. Others have already covered in depth the show’s homages to popular culture (2) and references to MK Ultra and other horrific covert experiments (2, 3). But I also see a spiritual allegory in play, and that’s what I’m taking a stab at exploring here. Could a pop culture pastiche actually inspire people to question more pointedly; both about ourselves and the institutions we entrust with power? Stranger things have happened…



Will and El – Double Entendres

The first time we meet the boys they’re in the middle of a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Whatever classes Lucas and Dustin’s characters are, it’s not emphasized. However, Will has first action and he’s most definitely a Wizard. Which is interesting, because one of the prime attributions of The Magician tarot card happens to be will, as in willpower.

From the A.E. Waite Tarot guide:

This card signifies the divine motive in man, reflecting God, the will in the liberation of its union with that which is above.

From Papus:

“The Unity principle, the origin of which is impenetrable to human conceptions, is placed at the beginning of all things.” His upright attitude “indicates the will that is going to proceed into action.”

How appropriate that card #1, the prime motive force, goes first in the game battle!

As these descriptions indicate, this is will in a specific sense. Namely, will that is in alignment with the higher, divine will. In the tarot spread that relates cards to the corresponding number of Sephirot on the Qabbalistic Tree of Life, the Magician is given the position of Keter, or Crown. Keter is correspondingly the first and utmost emanation of the divine will. As a crown, it is the unconscious intermediary between the conscious mind and the Most High. It is also described as “the most hidden of all hidden things” (Will is very good at hiding) and “absolute compassion” (ref). Looking at the cover image (top of page), this is exactly the position Will occupies among the pile of characters.

But Will vanishes, so the quest to find him can be seen allegorically as the quest to find the missing connection to Higher Will. I’ll return to how the story relates to the Tree of Life in a moment. As I will argue, the show communicates that the key to recovering this principle is courage.

What about Eleven?

Her name has a couple of blatant esoteric significances. 11 is considered a master number in numerology, and is widely recognized in occult traditions as denoting magical workings or the magical force itself. Through their friendship with Eleven and rich vocabulary of fantasy lore, the boys come to a basic understanding of Will’s situation well ahead of the adults. El hasn’t lost track of Will. As we see, only Eleven, with her “magical” psychic and intuitive abilities, is ultimately able to find Will through the veil of “The Upside Down” and defeat his tormentor.

The short, nickname version “El” is significant as well because El is one of the Semitic word forms meaning “God”. Taken in context, this implies that the human “magical” potential comes from nothing but the higher source, or the creative spark of the Universe. El’s character in the show depicts this connection or potential as being extremely potent, yet also highly sensitive, compassionate, and innocent (despite the nightmare her entire life has been). The show focuses on Eleven’s powers as a result of genre-hugging mad science, but it also implies that this is a universal potential Dr. Brenner et al. were simply forcing to develop. Other characters, particularly Joyce, are shown tapping into psychic connections as well.

 The Divine Union – “I’m the only one acting normal here! I’m the only one who cares about Will!”

Another theme that arises as an explicit sticking point in the story is the importance of care (or lack thereof). For instance, Mike’s father’s obvious lie “That is so unfair son. We care.” causes Mike and his mother to leave the dinner table in disgust. Steve finally tells off his douchey friends because Nancy “actually cares about other people.”

Hmm, Care and Will. Do I detect an indication of the Divine Union here? Heart and Action, Mercy and Severity, Feminine and Masculine. I think, in fact, the basic idea of divine synthesis of these forces is a core theme of the entire show. This is part of what’s illustrated in the Qabbalistic Tree of Life, where the left-hand Path of Severity and the right-hand Path of Mercy are integrated in the Path of Mildness, which connects the lowest Sephirah (divine sphere) to the highest in the tree.

The easiest way to see this in play is to compare and contrast various characters.

Joyce Byers & Chief Hopper

Our grown-up heroes epitomize the proper elevation and integration of these forces. Joyce is a powerhouse of motherly care. She doesn’t need anything external to tell what’s happening with her son because she feels him “in my heart”. Chief Hopper is the only grown man in town willing to take any significant action to find Will and uncover the larger mysteries. While Joyce is busy busting down the doors of perception (NO TRESSPASSING), listening to the lights, and making a giant Ouija board, Hopper is taking a more analytical approach and breaking through the physical doors government players are using to hide the truth. So, Joyce represents the divine feminine and Hopper represents the divine masculine. The cover photo for the show solidifies this notion with these two characters flanking Will and Eleven, and further contrasted with the red and blue backgrounds.

But, of course, the ultimate idea of the Divine Union is to integrate these polarities within oneself, and Joyce and Hopper also illustrate this. Joyce emphatically does not care how crazy she seems to anybody else, won’t let anyone stand in her way, and finds the courage to face terrors despite her anxiety. Hopper epitomizes action, but his drive is informed by care for his own daughter, whom he couldn’t save, and he’s the only one willing to give credence to Joyce’s motherly intuition.

Dr. Brenner & Lonnie Byers

Brenner and 11

Dr. Brenner illustrates the elevation of lower, egoic will, with a distinct absence of care. Brenner is completely calm and collected, but also ice cold. If Brenner has some real scientific brilliance, we never see it on display. His power seems to lie solely in his Saruman-like ability to manipulate with his voice (hey, he’s even got the white hair!). He’s selling a false projection of care, which is how he mentally enslaves Eleven – through the natural child’s desire for love and attachment.

Lonnie-stranger things

On my first viewing, I thought Lonnie’s character was just obnoxious and not really important to the story. Upon reflection though, I see he’s being used to illustrate parallels between the world of Hawkins Lab and the wider world. Lonnie is like the “ordinary Joe” version of Dr. Brenner. He is similarly affecting a false projection of care, while actually being an eminently slimy narcissist. Fortunately for his family, they had long ago seen through his BS. In this light, it’s easy to see why Joyce immediately rebukes Dr. Brenner’s attempts to manipulate her.

Lonnie also demonstrates another parallel of killing as a rite of passage. Johnathon relates how, when he was a boy, his father took him on a hunting trip and pushed him into killing a rabbit as some sort of experience in manhood, even though it tore him up inside. Similarly, when Eleven is unwilling to follow “Papa’s” order to kill a cat with her telekinesis this is cause for another isolation punishment. Only after she proves her worth by killing two guards in distress does he embrace her once again.

Karen Wheeler – “I want you to feel that you can talk to me”

Karen Wheeler - Stranger Things

Karen, Mike and Nancy’s mom, certainly demonstrates true care. She provides much-needed emotional support for her children and Joyce, but in terms of the larger action, hugs and casserole are about all the help she can provide. I see her failing not so much as a lack of willpower or action per se, but of a thirst for truth. She wants people to feel they can be honest with her, but everyone seems to intuitively grasp that she wouldn’t be able to handle the real truth. Karen settles for assumptions about what’s really happening and is unwilling to push people out of their comfort zones, particularly herself. She offers no real argument to the inane soothings of her idiot husband, who poo-poos any suggestion of something unexpected happening, and believes the government agents are on their side simply because they’re the government. She’s creeped out by Dr. Brenner, but he nonetheless plays her as smoothly as he coifs his hair.

Nancy & Steve – “You do realize you’re a walking cliche, don’t you?”

The story of Nancy and Steve so far is that of people who genuinely care deep down, but don’t really know it until their own failures in this regard push them to grow. The almost absurdly rectilinear decor of Steve’s room reinforces what’s already apparent: that his “suave Bad Boy” persona is nothing but a front, and he’s actually a deeply programmed square playing out masculine fantasies fed through popular culture. Nancy is also playing into these fantasies, seen here imitating the bikini model poster on his wall. Their pale, physical imitation of the Divine Union immediately leaves a bad taste in Nancy’s mouth, while Steve needs to go through a bit more pain to catch on. In the stereotypical Slasher formula, creeps and teenagers who have meaningless sex get instant karma at the hands of the monster, but here there’s a chance for growth. I guess only time will tell whether Steve continues down this path or falls back into jealousy and domination…

Courage and Big Cats

Time and again, Stranger Things hammers on the necessity of courage to really affect positive change or find the truth. One of my favorite moments is when Joyce first sees the Thing in the Wall and runs out to her car to flee. In a delicious twist of our horror movie expectations, as “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” blares, she turns off the engine and walks right back into the house, alone – right back into the storm of poltergeist activity.

I’m not sure if there’s any deeper significance, but big cats are on display as an emblem in several key scenes relating to courage.

  • A tiger poster in the background as Mike radios Lucas to convince him they need to go searching for Will themselves. “Will could have cast Protection last night, but he didn’t. He cast Fireball. […] My point is he could have played it safe, but he didn’t. He put himself in danger to help the party.”
  • An American flag mural with a tiger face (the school mascot) in the background as Nancy and Johnathon decide to return to their plan to lure the monster and kill it in order to protect Joyce and Hopper.
  • A stuffed lion, one of the only comforts in Eleven’s cell. It’s interesting hers is a lion when all the others are tigers. The lion is one of the animals Nancy compares the monster to, so perhaps this is hinting at something about Eleven’s relationship to it. Or perhaps a comparison of her situation in the lab to Daniel in the lion’s den?
  • A stuffed tiger in Will’s castle. An emblem of the courage he needs to survive his ordeal in The Upside Down?
  • A stuffed tiger in the hospital bed of Hopper’s terminally ill daughter. A cut from the last image is used to make the parallel for Hopper clear. A reminder of the harsh truth that, though courage is necessary for success, it doesn’t guarantee it.

So, what do we see allegorically through the show? That courage is the real expression of the Divine Union. Courage is the fulcrum point where care lifts up the ferocity of the lower, animal will and puts it in service to the Higher Will. Will, the boy, is only recovered because of those who are willing to strike out of their comfort zones, both mental and physical, and place themselves in danger simply because they know it’s the right thing to do. Will, that which crowns consciousness and connects it with the Unity principle, isn’t what brings about right action. It is realized through right action.

Demogorgon - Stranger Things

A final note on courage: For most of the show, El is too terrified to face the Demogorgon and actively avoids it. It’s only after she experiences true friendship and compassion with the boys, and then their lives are threatened, that she finds the resolve to fight it. Once she awakens her courage, we see that the monster never even stood a chance against her power. More than kill it in a biological sense, she seems to banish it (and herself?) from existence.

The Beast System

There are a number of clues to indicate that Eleven’s relationship to the Demogorgon was more than just contact – that somehow it was actually created from or through her. I wonder if this faceless, bloodthirsty monster is her own awareness of the system she was imprisoned in made flesh. She could have seen a lot through unsanctioned or unconscious remote viewing, after all. I think the leading zero on her ID tattoo is telling. This implies that the architects of this project were planning to potentially abduct and torture hundreds of children, if they haven’t already. When Dr. Brenner is interrogating Joyce, he repeats the number of the creature’s victims three times, “6…6…6”. Brenner, of course, doesn’t actually care about any of them. He’s a representative of the beastly apparatus that stalks in the darkness and gobbles up children all on its own. Note, when Eleven crushes the Coke can Brenner doesn’t break into a full smile until she notices her nose is bleeding.

I love how the creators of Stranger Things made the lab a Department of Energy facility. The DoE is indeed a major player in covert projects yet, unlike the CIA or NSA, rarely has the villain finger pointed at it. It suggests another level of interpretation as well – that the real motives of the shadow elite involve controlling or feeding on human energy. The Archon concept, if you will.

Power And Light

I would feel like this is a stretch of bias if not for the “Hawkins Power And Light” vans they use to operate covertly around town. Let’s be real. There’s no chance that Dr. Brenner and the system he represents are actually interested in Eleven’s abilities and The Upside Down just to fight the Soviets. No, their interest is in holding a monopoly on information, both ordinary intelligence and true knowledge about human consciousness and the nature of reality. Their goal is to hold worldly power and the light of wisdom.

Yet, Hawkins Lab is only one part of the formula that outputs evil and suffering. The show has a lot to tell us about the ugliness in the town as well. Everybody just assumes the lab is working on something related to fighting the Commies (“Space lasers” or something) and hardly gives it a thought. Even after Hopper points out that the people at the lab were clearly lying to them, his dopey underlings either don’t care or don’t have enough imagination to think it could be significant.

Bully w Knife - Stranger Things

We find cruelty out in Hawkins too. After all, the men and women who are willing to work as muscle, domestic spies, torture orderlies, and clean-up crews all had to grow up somewhere at some time. The adolescent bullies who torment our young heroes seem like good candidates once they get older and settle down some (racist, homophobic, and ablist – their parents must be so proud).

The show demonstrates that the evil of Hawkins Lab, as extraordinary as it is, couldn’t exist if not for the ordinary evil and ignorance of society at large. Which leads me to,

Just What The Hell Is “The Upside Down”? …no pun intended.


Well, a dark, alternate dimension, okay. But it certainly doesn’t obey physical laws in the way you’d expect some material reflection of ordinary reality to. We see all the buildings, trees, and various objects of… The Rightside Up, but no corresponding reflections of animal life. When someone moves a car in The Rightside Up, does the ghost car version drive itself in The Upside Down? If so, we didn’t get to see. Furthermore, the Demogorgon rips through walls to enter our dimension, yet when it departs there’s no evidence of damage. Clearly, this dimension is more mental or psychic than tangible.

The other strange thing is how organic it is. Looking at the “snow” it seems to me that it has a lot more in common with marine snow than the chilly variety. I get the impression that, if our experience of the world is at the sunlit ocean surface, The Upside Down is the abyssal plain. Here is where old, submerged thought forms have settled into some sort of ground state. So, the realm of the collective unconscious or collective Shadow. Perhaps it doesn’t need to be an evil place by its nature, but the actions and spiritual state of humanity have been raining down all sorts of nasty detritus, and strange organisms are flourishing in it. Whatever this gooey, webbed and tendriled entity/ies is, it seems to have colonizing ambitions…

One thing is for certain: all is still not well.

I’ll leave it there for now, although I may write additional posts as ideas take form. Please, chime in! Honestly, I’m still a pretty low-level Wizard myself, but boy am I working on getting that XP =P

Read Part 2

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The Occult Numerology of 9/11

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Occult 9-11-Fixed Final


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Lowering Filters To Raise Discernment

Explain or express or accept, and what does it matter? Our attitude is:

Here are the data.

See for yourself.

What does it matter what my notions may be?

Here are the data.

-Charles Fort, “The Book of the Damned”

What does it really mean to “wake up”? In the stereotypical version of that mantra the speaker means to wake up to the existence of deception on a massive scale and to the greater truth that explains the why. The first time one can look at an event like 9/11 and really comprehend how the stories do not match the details right before your eyes – that you’ve been lied to- it is an awakening. It’s like a gut-wrenching rush of adrenaline that yanks you right out of a stupor. No getting around it, this is a deeply disturbing revelation, excepting you’re an exceptional individual who has already divorced yourself from the desire for certainty. Once this happens the desire to find some new firm ground to stand upon (as quickly as possible!) is nearly irresistible. The filters of conventional wisdom drop spectacularly. There’s an impulse to stop at whatever explanation feels personally comfortable – perhaps Satan, or extraterrestrials, or just evil men – and focus solely on that. One is confronted with a huge sea of wild ideas, delusions, and lies and decides that it’s safer not to go too far, for how can you possibly discern among all that nonsense?

The problem is that this is still a position of fear and dependency. One can come to rely on one source of alternative media or another for truth, one main perspective or another. But it’s the very reliance on institutions, or experts, or other authority figures for truth that created this predicament in the first place!

The reactions above aren’t limited to the first time either. I’ve already been forced several times by new information to abandon a comforting rest stop. Early on I thought “It’s just the tendency of the powerful everywhere to preserve their own power, combined with ordinary human reluctance to accept challenging ideas (e.g. extraterrestrials). There probably isn’t any overarching conspiracy.” Sorry, nope. The connections go too far back and it’s too organized for a “nationalist” view of the problem. “Well, even if there is an overarching control system the psychopaths on top can only steer so much. It couldn’t possibly be as all-pervasive as the Illuminati types are prone to claim.” Nope, sorry. Even allowing for confirmation bias there really is a there there.

Waking up to the reality of mass-scale deception is certainly important, but it’s also just one step. What I’ve come to realize (and I know I’m far from alone), is that waking up is really about a process of seeking truth, not about having hold of one. It’s about waking up to the fact that you may have been taught an awful lot about the world, but actually know very little. It’s about finding new ways of knowing and being – developing the boldest curiosity and the most skeptical discernment. It’s as much about discovering truth and strength within oneself, because what has been occulted in the human heart is far more important than anything hidden “out there”. Navigating a minefield of deception by suspending beliefs of all kinds is something I’m still learning (unlearning?), but perhaps someone will find my thoughts here useful.

At this point, it doesn’t seem too important to me to answer “what’s behind The System?” Far more important is seeing its main mechanisms and how they misguide us: fear, chaos, subservience, indoctrination. All things that pull us into tearing at each others’ throats and shooting ourselves in the foot. To combat these requires love, inner calm, courage, and open-ended seeking. To develop the latter, I think it’s essential to look at the favorite methods of powerful liars.

Given what we know about the methods of oppressive regimes that are in no way theoretical, I think it’s safe to extrapolate them in broad strokes to larger scales. For instance, we have the architects of the Soviet Union to thank for so clearly explaining the method of controlled opposition. To keep your own power consolidated it’s quite useful to covertly influence any organization opposed to it – or if it doesn’t exist to create it! Now you can safely prevent any resistance or challenge from rising to the level of a true threat. The same principle is useful in the case of trying to hold up fundamental deceptions about the world we live in. One lie, one false worldview alone is only one truth away from discovery and dethronement. Magic (as in the tricky kind) was a serious hobby of mine throughout my teenage years. I can tell you, the tricks I had the most fun performing are those where you repeatedly dupe the audience into thinking they’ve figured it out. (Here’s a classic example). The sense of power is downright delicious – “Hahaaaa! The fools are like putty in my hands!”

To put it another way: If narrative A is a flat-out lie, it’s a fair bet narratives B and C have already been anticipated and set-up as traps of some sort. How are we to discern a real trail from a false one? I think the solution is to charge on to narratives X, Y, and Z and even right on past. To step back from the ranks of letters altogether, start from a blank sheet, and abandon all preconceived gradations as to ordinary and extraordinary. To abandon not just trust in certain authorities, not just a certain level of trust in authority, but the concept of authority altogether. There is no such thing as authority in this world into which we are born in the same ignorance, only claims to it that people can choose to recognize or not.

It’s useful to think of the methods of propaganda and disinformation as well. One tactic of disinformation artists is to include a large proportion of truth in what they disseminate. This builds a base of credibility for people to accept the portion of their work that’s actually meant to mislead, or in some way poison the efforts of those who listen and believe. This presents a somewhat ironic situation, because completely ignoring someone you suspect of disinformation is actually a missed opportunity. They’re still probably pointing to some truths, so one should judge point by point on the basis of the evidence itself, on what is verifiable – to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to say.

Fortunately, this situation isn’t that different from evaluating claims and evidence in general. There’s a whole laundry list of biases that can confound or warp any attempted explanation. Even with the greatest care, still no-one is likely to get everything right about a complex problem. Yet the fact that we don’t all share the same biases is a saving grace. In combination with evidence-based standards, a diversity of perspectives helps us check each others’ bias. Someone’s interpretations may be woefully misguided even though underlying data they provide is still valid and valuable.

When one’s filters are on such high alert that one refuses to even engage with information solely on the basis of a source’s beliefs, or tone, or presentation quality, this is rather rash. It’s like seeing dirty bath water and not checking if there’s a baby before tossing it out. There’s a widely-held sentiment that goes something like: “Well, this person believes in X, which I can see is totally bonkers, therefore I can’t trust their judgement regarding the truth of anything and I won’t waste my time even listening.” The pitfall in this is giving oneself license to disregard anything that might challenge one’s own firmly-held notions. To be sure, such judgements exist for a reason. We all have only limited time, patience, and head-space and can’t possibly evaluate everything everyone in the world thinks is important and wants to convince us of – which hoooo Boy is that a lot. What I’m trying to say is there’s a balance to be struck here.

There are more important judgements t0 be made where deliberate deception is the question at hand. If some person or organization is found to have lied, especially about something important, then anything else they claim should be disbelieved by default unless it can be independently verified. That’s pretty much the way it works in court, after all. On the other hand, when it comes to tracing a very complex web of deceptions, a person who’s misguided in some notions may yet discern the truth in other matters.

Getting to the case in point that was the impetus for this post –  Bart Sibrel’s documentary “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon” includes one of the most (seemingly?) damning pieces of evidence of hoaxing in the Apollo missions: a video clip from inside the command module that reveals the astronauts simulating shots of the Earth at a distance by darkening the lights and filming the circular window filled with the (quite near) Earth. It was part of a set of reels sent to his team from NASA “by mistake” (of course, one assumes it was actually a whistle-blower) that also includes various footage from the Apollo Simulation Project that looks almost identical to the alleged real mission photography. You’ll notice I linked to a number of things from Sibrel in my post on The Shining. I linked to his material despite the fact that he also produced a ridiculous farce called “Astronauts Gone Wild”, wherein he interviews (or just walks up to) a total of nine Apollo astronauts and challenges them to fess up to the deception or swear on the Bible (!) that they walked on the moon. His whole shtick and attitude could hardly be more bratty, disrespectful, and snide. He’s practically asking to be punched in the face or kicked in the rear- which is precisely what happens!

I thought something like “Isn’t it such a shame that this guy who had the good fortune to receive valuable material and made a pretty solid documentary also has such a horrible personality and judgement? And if you accept the hoax the astronauts themselves wouldn’t be more than pawns, probably mind-controlled at that. Why would you hassle them?” Fortunately, this youtube user pointed out what I was missing for some time.

Indeed, how did he manage to conduct all those interviews without any of them catching wind of his mission beforehand? “Duh!” I say to myself. The fact that Bart Sibrel made both a valuable contribution and an asinine misstep aren’t contradictory, they’re more likely related. He was only able to secure all of those interviews because he was assisted, and he wouldn’t be assisted unless it served the interests of The System. The reel that wasn’t supposed to see light in public wasn’t, then, leaked by any earnest whistle-blower.

It seems to me there’s a built-in emotional reaction for all sides that promotes further polarization. The porthole footage is bound to make some “truthers” want to scream when other people can’t accept it. “Gah! It’s right fucking there in your face with NASAs own footage and the sheeple still won’t see it!” On the other hand, if you’re a “sane person” and you catch any part of Astronauts Gone Wild, how could you react but with disgust? “Goddamn conspiracy nutters just don’t have any respect!” Perhaps some such nutters will model their behavior off Sibrel as well: “Maybe he’s bratty, but he sure made them sweat, and don’t I want to show such fire and don’t-give-a-fuckedness to stand up for truth?”

It’s both classic divide and conquer and controlled opposition- all so subtly and from one source ostensibly working in the interest of truth. If my newfound suspicion is correct, I daresay that’s… pretty darn clever! Ugh, was the leaked footage even completely genuine? I guess I’ll have to review it again now.

Now, Russianvids is an ardent Flat Earth proponent from a Christian perspective and often makes other assertions besides that may cock my eyebrow. Do I buy into Flat Earth theory? By no means! To my mind, all the disc models out there fail against some pretty easily verifiable facts (e.g. the existence of a Southern Pole Star, the fact that the sun and moon don’t change in diameter as they trace across the sky.) But I’ll be damned if he doesn’t also make plenty of really sharp observations, especially when it comes to signs of deception in the media.

If I had just navigated away the first time I heard him mention Flat Earth I would never have seen any of his truly intriguing or eye-opening points. Would I have noticed the same suspicious details if I hadn’t decided to watch Russianvids material? Maybe, maybe not. The point is I got there quicker because I listened to someone whose prejudice and skeptical lens is different from my own. I take it as another lesson in the quest to learn how to learn, how to be critical and open at the same time, how to see.

One important thing to recognize is that Flat Earth theory is so popular right now due to something of real importance. That being the growing revelations of the truly massive scale on which NASA and other space agencies have been lying to the public. If the idea of fakery regarding the International Space Station hasn’t been brought to your attention yet I strongly encourage you to look at the evidence and see for yourself (1-(without commentary), 1-(with commentary), 2). There’s lots more if you go searching. Much of what you find may have a frivolous or snarky tone, it might have terrible music but try to look past all that to what you’re actually seeing. My notions may be quite firm, but you must be your own judge. I forget who it was I heard say recently that Flat Earth theory is like the punk rock of the conspiracy community right now. Folks get so tired of all the endless lies – “How deep does it all go? What the hell is real?- Fuck it! The Earth is flat and you can’t tell me otherwise!” From my point of view, however, Flat Earth theory is a controlled trap when it comes to cosmology. It seems to be offering a grand answer, but is such an easy target for mockery that it’s used as a wedge to further drive anyone in the mainstream from even thinking to question our magnificent techno-sorcerers.

But hey, maybe someone will uncover something truly Earth-shattering by looking down these lines. Questioning the nature of the Universe and Earth’s place in it is exactly how far to go, in my humble opinion. I’m personally more interested in possible relationships between astronomical forces and Earth’s geology; and in large-scale astronomical alignments that teasingly point right back to our own neighborhood (e.g. here and here). In the history of cosmology, where we find some very interesting alternatives that were excluded on philosophical grounds and pivotal experiments that lay people aren’t likely to know at all. For instance, did you ever learn of the Michelson-Morley experiments in school or TV documentaries? I never had, but they caused a huge stir for apparently failing to detect the motion of the Earth, and were the very impetus for Einstein to develop the theory of special relativity.

Funny, I’ve yet to see any Flat Earth proponents bring up these lines of evidence. It seems the people out in public discussing the history of the Copernican Principle are pretty much just geocentric Catholics. Was the Copernican principle deliberately promoted to deceive us? That certainly fits with my judgement of the materialist worldview that sees human existence as a random fluke – namely that it’s one of the most poisonous to humanity and conducive to the control system. But how could I decide for sure which model is the most real? How important is it to me personally to be certain? I don’t now hold on to the “endless grains of sand” or the “center of everything” theories, and I can’t say I fear the implications of either one. Maybe nobody can really provide an accurate description at the moment of just what it is we’re looking at when we look “out there”.

Maybe, of all things, Fort was right in his serious/sarcastic assertion of the distance to the stars: “a revolving shell, about a week’s journey away from this Earth.”

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Some Statements About Elephants

I have come to destroy all that you hold dear
and plunge you into torrents of madness.
I am a plague carrier who has come to infect you with lunacy
and leave you groping in hallucinatory labyrinths.

Or at least that’s how it may seem.

Really I have come to give wet willies
so you might reach in your ear
and feel the tick that’s taken up residence.
Really I’m here to poke all of our golden treasures
to see if they’re solid metal, or just gilded pieces of dung.
If you think you hold nothing dear as far as truth
I mean to show sometimes you don’t know what you love
until someone tries to speak against it.

If culture is like a linguistic cloud
from which we draw our own programming
I ask you to consider that our anti-virus software is corrupted
and may actually leap to the defense of certain viruses.
Hopefully together we can troubleshoot.

I ask you to consider that we have already been blinded
and only by turning off the floodlights
can we trace where the sun is coming in.

I ask you to consider that our species as a whole
was infected long ago with a very odd kind of virus.
One that afflicts the host with selective blindness
to elephants.
people only discover the one standing in the room by stumbling into it.
One feels out very solid surfaces
though the whole is still invisible.
Arriving at an accurate description is bound to take some time
for one person discovers a long, ribbed snake that reaches and sniffs
another describes a great, flat semi-circle that swats away flies
and so on.

Onlookers become quite confused:
what in the hell is up with this mime routine?!
These people are clearly crazy
it seems like they really believe something is there!
No-one remembers who started it
but someone cracks a joke that builds into a crowd of hecklers.
Now, the curious refrain from walking up to try touching the animal themselves
“I think I’ll pass on being labeled a crack-pot”
Now, zoologists that stumble upon it think to themselves
“Well, I know I’m not crazy
but I kind of need to keep my job more than I need to describe invisible animals.”

I’m here to shout out:
“Hey! Get over here!
Fuck those naysayers!
This skin is amazing! I’ve never felt anything like it before!”

a worldview is like a mosaic built of many tile fragments
some that are filters, and some that are diagrams, and some that are photo albums.
And we puzzle out how to fit them all into one frame
which we hold up like a magic mirror to check against our eyes
and decode secret truths about the world and ourselves.
It’s great fun to shuffle the pieces around
or find little new ones that fill the gaps just perfectly.
Trouble is
The mosaic-makers of the world have a tendency to leave pieces out
…If only for aesthetics.
And we all tend to fear introducing large, new fragments
that may force other pieces out just to fit.

It can be jarring to have the big picture rattled.
We would rather replace the whole thing
than walk around with a fragmentary mirror!

When you pull out the pieces and examine them in your hand
they seem quite solid, quite heavy.
They may show you something fair or ugly
but they’re beautifully crafted, and we dread to lose them.
They tell me so much!
They’re practically part of me!
I would be lost without them!
And what? Am I going to carry more than can fit in one frame?
Just lug them around in a big sack?

But I have a secret to share with you.
If you open your hand and let go
they actually don’t fall to the ground.
Mind-tiles are, in fact, completely weightless
and just hang there suspended.
Now all you do is tie it up with a piece of string
attach it to your belt loop
and they’ll follow wherever you go with no effort.
You can take whole ideas out of frame to see how other pictures work out.
If it turns out you need them again
they’re only a tug away.

Embracing a state of profound unknowing
is one of the hardest things in the world.
But I can attest that the more I try
the more feelings of freedom and focus build.
I would like to show how much fun it can be to scatter the board in broad strokes
and try building a completely different picture.

I am here to be antagonistic to all finality.
If you think you have found it, I will be your Devil.
If you believe in creation
I will be your Darwin
If you believe in Darwinism
I will be a necromancer of new heresies
and summon up human skeletons from before the time of the dinosaurs.
If you believe beliefs that divide us
are trivial compared to actions that may bring us together
then let’s play
and work together to find the truth of whatever this marvelous thing is.

I’ll be the onion in your ointment
or in your minestrone, as it may be.

If you insist your jester’s cap is a mighty steel helm that protects you from folly
I just can’t help but reach out and jingle the bells on top
and I hope you’ll return the favor

I am here to be a jester
but I wouldn’t insist unless it was serious as well.
I would be content to play in my own head
except for one thing.
I know it disturbs you
to think the town elders could get away with lying to you
as a whole
even considering their faults and foibles.
I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…
Please don’t panic and please don’t just scoff
but I must tell you what I see.
Listen, and look closer.
Those are not the town elders
those are actually masses of cockroaches
that have assembled themselves into their shape.
And I don’t think they have anything wholesome in mind for us

…That might help explain why things have been so fucked up around here.

I tell you I have not come to bring peace to the world
but a swordfish!
Which, if cartoons have taught me anything
are still close enough to the real thing to defend yourself with in a pinch.

I invite you to let go of much of what you believe
because those x-ray spex we were all handed
may just be funny glasses with pictures of bones glued on
that reveal the same truths
no matter what you look at.

I think we should hold nothing as true
except that which we’ve come to through our own efforts,
except that which has always been and speaks through the heart.
I think we should hold nothing dear
except the people we love
and by extension, the whole of humanity.
Except the ground we walk on
except the air we breath
except the life roiling around us.

I am here to tell you that there’s no reason to be afraid.
Even if you wake up in a nest of spiders, remember:
spiders feed on fear.
Even if life is but a dream, remember:
Once a dream becomes lucid, nightmares will flee before you.
There is no reason to be ashamed of being fooled
in a world where everyone has been a fool for god knows how long.
There is no shame in being in 1st grade.
With little but your own experience
Just starting out learning about the wider world.
We’re still Calvin & Hobbes
it’s still a magical world
and it’s still time to go exploring.

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