Nails for the Coffin of Coincidence: Bowie, Rickman, 9-11

Since there are no absolute standards to judge by, and since we, as humans, can misidentify patterns, there can be no universal, final blow to one’s faith in coincidence as a baseline explanation. Therefore, I set some nails to marching. Make of them, yourself, what you will.

This last week saw the passing of two venerable and beloved British entertainers:

David Bowie and Alan Rickman, both dead from cancer at age 69. This is interesting given that the glyph for astrological Cancer also resembles a 69. Cancer-1Here’s a clip from the episode of The Simpsons that aired 1/10/2016, the night of Bowie’s death, and mentions, of all things, a cat with different-colored eyes named Bowie! At which, Bart screams an agonized “NO”. (Was slowed down by the uploader to prevent auto-removal)

This synchronicity isn’t alone either. Here’s a clip from the 2013 episode “Love is a Many-Splintered Thing.” In a parody of Love Actually, the British parliament gets down to Bowie’s “All the Young Dudes” while Rickman shows up as Snape from Harry Potter:

The Simpsons is a particularly rich show when it comes to symbolic content and “predicting” the future. Even mainstream sources have been bringing this up in the wake of this most recent… oddity.

What those articles won’t do is give you any wider context. Well, I’ll have to provide some!

Here’s the increasingly-famous Simpsons reference to 9/11 that aired earlier in 2001.

Episode Of The Simpsons warned of 911 6 months ahead in 2001

It’s far from alone.

Hop on over here for a sampling of cultural references that presage the 9/11 attacks going back several decades.

Here’s one example I’d like to emphasize from the above:

Rock Watch.jpg

This issue of Newsweek from April 1967 features an interview with David Rockefeller on the future of banking shortly after the start of construction of the World Trade Center. Rockefeller himself had proposed the site in Lower Manhattan to the Port Authority. In the cover photo the hands on his watch point to 9 and 11.

Rock Watch Closeup(Thanks to maker of this video)

Another interesting occurrence during the early stages of construction: In 1968 AT&T, empowered by the FCC, announced the digits for a new, nation-wide emergency phone number. That number, of course, being 911.

And here’s an example so notable I can’t believe it was missing:

1985’s Back to the Future, as it turns out, is perhaps one of the most heavily-coded movies of all time. The following is not even comprehensive.


Right as Marty arrives to meet Doc at the Twin Pines mall the digital clock ticks from 1:15 to 1:16, which, flipped over becomes 911.

The shot immediately after this is the back of Doc’s truck opening, with the two loading ramps slowly lowering in a cloud of mist.

TERRORIST: The video claims terrorists in Back to the Future predicted ...When the Libyans found out about this, Gaddafi ordered Brown killed ...

Unfortunately, in the midst of demonstrating the time machine, Doc and Marty are surprised by an attack from the Middle Eastern (well, Libyan) terrorists Doc cheated out of the Plutonium he needed.


Doc tells Marty when first demonstrating the time machine: “If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour… you’re gonna see some seriouThe Towers shit.”
What kind, I wonder. Well, when Marty pulls off his desperate attempt to get back to the future, the flaming tire tracks combine with the Western Auto sign to form a huge, glowing orange 9 – 11. (Incidentally, the flaming wire above the road also briefly forms a 77 with the tire tracks. 77 is itself deeply connected to the 9/11 event)

I think it’s also relevant that the serious boost of juice they need to power the time machine (absent Plutonium) is provided by a bolt of lighting. A bolt of lighting that strikes the clock tower. Rather reminiscent of The Tower tarot card.


On his unexpected romp through the past, Marty happened to knock over one of the two pine trees on the farm that eventually becomes the Twin Pines Mall. So, on his return we see proof of him having changed the timeline as he runs up to the Lone Pine Mall… Much like, after the reconstruction the Twin Towers were replaced by the One World Trade Center.


Update 1/24/16

Well, how about that?

Some choice quotes from this interview:

  • “I was just saying earlier that I actually felt that part of me had died.”
  • The fashion expert: “And he changed all the time, all the different looks throughout the ages. Just when you think, ‘oh, we’ve got a grip on that’ he’d completely change again and do something totally different.”
  • “I mean, what was there not to be happy … One of the most beautiful wives in the world, what’s not to like?”
  • “I think if I was Bowie and I’d look back at my career I’d be, you know, pretty happy about what I had achieved. Wasn’t easy for him I’ll have to tell you, I mean he fought every single step of the way.”

They couldn’t be more right. He was all about the persona ch-ch-changes. I guess this time around he decided to focus on his “great ability for spotting talent” and take over the life of this music executive.

Now, here’s a post about this interview on the website of Jack Steven’s company, Fortress Music.

Fortress Music.JPG

Funny they put ‘music executive’ in quotes… also “the ‘confusion’ caused by Jack’s striking resemblance to the man himself.”

I hope your thought finds this as food. If you can think of any other connections between Bowie, Rickman, and the numbers and timing involved please share!



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