How I Knew Trump Would Win: Codes, Mind Games, and Subtle Mockery in the Presidential Campaign


I just wish I had realized it sooner. Please let me assure you that the surprise factor, the “shock and awe” so many folks have been feeling, was by design. It may feel as if you’ve woken up in Bizarro world and nothing is quite real anymore. Welcome! I’ve been waiting for you. I’m going to be one of those awful people and encourage everyone to take a deep breath and a step back from the drama, but don’t think I mean to imply everything will be hunky dory. Ooooh my no!

It was only about a week before election night that I finally ran into the fact that sealed the coffin of my estimates of a Clinton victory. That fact was this: At the end of inauguration day, 1/20/17, Donald Trump’s age will be exactly 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days. If I had known nothing else about this election I still would have heavily favored a Trump win on this fact alone, simply because the number 7, especially 777, was emphasized this year. Wild conspiracy theory and rather glib at that? Well, I agree! except to say that the true test of any theory is its ability to make accurate predictions. The simple fact is that I would have been right and the entire mainstream media, most of the “new media”, even the most academic meta-analyses were all wrong.

Fair warning to believers in either candidate. I want to explain and share my observations for whoever is interested, but I’m going to have to run roughshod over justifying premises many will find hard to swallow and jump right into the deep end. But hey, what’s wrong with the deep end? It’s just the side of the pool where you have to keep swimming without the security of being able to touch bottom. I would rather do more synthesis and due diligence, but what can I say? I’m really feeling the acceleration of time right now myself and I want to push this out while the energy is still fresh.

As far as the campaign, I’m sharing mostly my own observations and ideas. I hardly paid attention to any conspiracy-minded sources on the race (there aren’t any I really trust for “news” anyway) and I only dug into the “legit” coverage intermittently. Yet, when I did, I was usually spotting something subtle that jumped out at me as a higher-level form of trickery. A couple premises I had already arrived at going into this race:

  1. When it comes to mass media, the deception is far worse than bias and echo chambers. I mean both News and Entertainment. These organizations are reality artists who regularly create “truths” that are, to some degree, scripted – or even staged outright. Subliminal associations are used for emotional manipulation and to prime people for upcoming events.
  2. “Revelation of the Method”: Those who run this show are fond of putting their fingerprints and intentions out in plain view, albeit in occulted/cryptic ways. They also seem to be fond of subtly mocking those who buy into the lie. (I feel I’m at an advantage here because my own sense of humor can be pretty twisted and dark, so I get it. I must confess, sometimes I can’t help but laugh with these bastards)

The Numbers Game

Another part of media manipulation is timing and signalling with numbers. I don’t pretend to have more than a Kindergarten level understanding of it, and I haven’t found anybody out there discussing it that seems to be much further. The fact remains that this is clearly seen with pre-indications of 9/11 going back decades across all forms of media (This is just a small sample) (Also see my infographic of symbolic numbers in the event itself). The confirmation I had personally came last year when I saw the news stories about an incoming piece of mysterious space junk designated “WT1190F”. WTF indeed? I was already used to the idea that space missions and stories are used to play these games. For instance, Apollo 11 was launched 7/16/1969 which reduces to 7/7/7 (7 / 1+6=7 / 1+9+6+9 = 25 -> 2+5=7), while Apollo 13 was launched on the “13th minute, of the 13th hour, of the 13th day” (Of all the mission numbers to ham up like that why choose unlucky 13? Seems like they were almost trying to jinx it, eh?)

So I thought: “Well, we can count on Something significant happening that day it enters the atmosphere. Probably terrorism-related because of the reversed 911.” Lo and behold that day, Nov. Friday the 13th. brought the Paris terror attacks. I, myself, was shocked at actually being right!

I started paying even more attention along these lines and it became clear that a big number this year was 7, especially 777 (which is probably the most important number in the Thelema occult system). The Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando had its own codes and shenanigans going on, but relevant here is the odd coincidence of a gathering of Christians on the National Mall the next month dubbed “Reset 2016”, or “Together 2016” and put on by an organization called “Pulse” which happened 7/7/16 (1+6=7 so 7/7/7). Their website featured an American Sign Language logo at the bottom, which also happens to look like the astrological sign for Cancer. So, I pulled up the charts to discover that the Sun, Mercury, and Venus would all be in Cancer that day and that two of those would tick ahead into degrees that are numerological 7s (Sun in 16th, Venus in 25th).


Flip the clock over.

“Back to the Future” is perhaps the most important coded movie of all time. I think many are aware now that it codes the 9/11 attacks in several different ways, but the ending provides two other numbers.

The 9-11 is easy to spot, formed by the neon auto sign and flaming tracks. But the wire crossing the tracks also briefly forms a 77, and the fateful time when lightning strikes the clock tower is 10:04. (7/7 London attacks are another possible link here). It so happens that 10/4 this year was the last day of Rosh Hashana, when the Hebrew calendar entered the year 5777 (Don’t misunderstand, so not pointing the finger at Jews!). I’m also intrigued by the idea that Biff Tannin’s character in the films is a representation of Trump…

Speaking of 9/11, the first big doubts I had about an ultimate Clinton victory came with her fainting during the 9/11 anniversary ceremony in New York. I now think the argument over whether it was “pneumonia” or a “secret terminal illness” is completely pointless. The important point is the association thus formed: “Clinton – 9/11 attacks – collapse”. The public was being psychologically primed to associate a Clinton defeat with the terror of the 9/11 attacks and shocking collapse of the towers. Which is exactly what the nation woke up to on 11/9.

So, when I saw this high strangeness it was another angle of the lines I was already thinking along.
(Worth reading but here’s a brief summary: Trump’s victory was promoted by “meme magic” on the 4Chan anonymous image board. Seemingly unrelated, the acronym KEK replaced LOL in popularity and Pepe the Frog became meme mascot of the Trump campaign. The weird part is, Kek is a frog-headed Egyptian deity who represents the ‘darkness before the dawn’. The other weird part is that 4Chan already attached significance to repeat digits in post ID#s, and pro-Trump posts were often hitting them. Particularly, guess what, repeating 7s)

My question: If this was genuinely independent users the amazing “gets” would indeed be Chaos Magick. For someone inside the system though, wouldn’t it be easy to automatically cue up posts to be added in the desired sequence?

(I know there were some other interesting repeating 7 associations but I’ve exhausted my notes for now. Will add when I have time.)

Mind Games & Sly Mockery

During the primaries, as I saw Bernie cheated out of the process and Trump winning despite all expectations, my impression became that the script here was to polarize and rip America apart internally. Moreso than usual with these things! – Along as many lines as possible. If we had had a race between Bernie and Trump, there would have been two different voices speaking to dissatisfaction with the status quo and we could have had actual conversations about previously “given” policy areas like trade deals and foreign intervention. Instead, we ended up with only the right-wing, nationalist side of that critique (with xenophobic threads in tow) pitted against The Establishment and months of nearly-pure rhetoric and finger-pointing.

But you know, why I don’t I start with lighter, possible subliminals. Like this terrifying little gem.

  • First thing to realize is that the music is a dance version of “Over There”. How fitting that a song originally meant to rally support for a war most Americans were initially against was enlisted for the Trump campaign.
  • The girls’ performance seems rather quaint and under-rehearsed. I don’t buy it though, it’s totally at odds with the polished production of the track.
  • On the line “On your feet”, the littlest one actually drops to her knees. The mockery: your “stand” with Trump is actually a form of submission.
  • I was not expecting these lines to end this way “Ameritude / American pride / It’s attitude it’s who we are / Stand up tall”… It doesn’t even rhyme! In fact, the first time I saw this I was expecting it to finish “Stand aside”, which does.

I also saw some of the already-loud narratives being reinforced through the staging of the debates. One of these was that Trump represents the worst in misogyny, and that criticisms and loathing for Clinton were driven by sexism. Both, I think, are true to an extent, but were overblown into cartoonish proportions. Note the Declaration of Independence background.
(Hmm Brexit vote with a surprise nationalist win, Independence Day sequel released the next day … seems like another theme this year)

First Presidential Debate.png

Note that Trump had the word “Men” framed right above his head most of the time, whereas the top of Hillary’s head was nestled in “Right of the People”. So, Trump is associated with men in general while Clinton is the “right people” or has the right of the people. Trump: troglodyte devil (or masculine avatar to those who wanted that), Clinton: elder stateswoman (savior to her base).


Glower Power

This is another one I spotted in the town-hall style debate. Trump kept looming behind Clinton while she was answering questions like the domineering creeper he is, right? “Wrong”, I said to myself, it’s just the camera angle and small stage. We could easily see the reverse image tonight if they decide to show it … nope. (Ok, a little harder given the height difference)


Wait, Tim. I thought you were the Dad. OK, if you’re the Warrior then I’ll play Dad

Note also that, in the first Presidential debate and the Vice Presidential one, the candidates were wearing the color of the opposite party. Actually, this stunt is far from unprecedented, as a friend pointed out. He expressed his view that this was a subtle trick to pull in people attached to the other party: “See? You can trust me. I represent your values”. I can believe that, but I also I see another, mocking, level here: “Do you really buy into this theater so thoroughly to believe that the two major parties represent any real opposition given our core consensus? That we’re anything but two wings of the same life and liberty destroying apparatus?”

It was a few months ago I started to spot the outright fakery in play. Clinton rallies were very poorly attended, yet the media was reporting on them as if all was well. They were going so far as to inflate the apparent attendance with tricky camera angles and even (I think it can be demonstrated) the crowd enthusiasm with canned sound and digital manipulation.


Clinton’s Greensboro, NC rally. This photo is the most packed-looking one I could find.


To be fair, this is before the event started. But it still demonstrates that the gym was barricaded off to use less than half the available space.

I gave up after about four solid hours of trying to determine whether the below can happen through mere encoding errors or not. Sure is fishy in light of the other tricks used in this event though. Video


Meanwhile, Trump rallies were clearly, undeniably drawing crowds an order of magnitude larger or more to great excitement. Here’s the Trump rally in North Carolina three days before Clinton’s.


In addition, many of the headline-grabbing polls had atrocious methodologies, creating the impression of Trump’s chances being slim. Many of the alternative and conspiracy-minded voices out there, including Trump’s homeboy Alex Jones, see Trump as the opponent of the elite and believe the Democrats and allies were trying to fix the outcome in their favor, but I don’t think the point was actual victory. Hiding your own floundering and the growing groundswell of your opponent is a good way to keep an image of strength, but absolutely NOT the way to mobilize voters and win the election. Again, I think the point was to maximize the surprise factor and the rampant finger-pointing that’s happening now.

Trump is an unpredictable demagogue, but fear of him as the next Hitler is just that: fear-provoking propaganda. It seems to me Trump’s most deplorable stances and rhetoric were for mobilization, not his real values (whatever those are…). Suspicions that violence at Trump rallies was being provoked by leftist agents was partially confirmed by Wikileaks. The fires are stoked by both sides. Real haters have been emboldened by their champion’s victory, but liberals have also been pulled into their own authoritarian side through fear. Behavior like this from the “love” bloc has risen Liberals Attack Homeless Woman for Guarding Trump’s Hollywood Star

If the Clinton campaign has been pulling liberals into authoritarianism, the mocking confirmation of that came with her final rally in Raleigh. The gang of celebrity endorsers included Lady Gaga, dressed like a representative of The Fourth Reich from some near-future dystopian movie. Complete with red arm band!


Wait… this is the team that’s going to SAVE us from the rise of Fascism? …

In Closing

So … massive can of worms just to explain my reasons. I tell you though, the more I learn the more skeptical I become of All explanations of how the world works. Unlike many who think of themselves as #woke or truthers, I don’t believe I actually have a firm grasp on the real structure of what I like to call “The Cryptocracy”, on who/what is actually behind it. Just its existence and basic methods. I don’t know how one can draw clear lines between what’s an organic synchronicity, or “real magic”, and what’s an engineered game. I don’t trust that Wikileaks etc. aren’t part of the script themselves. In my opinion, this has all been a centrally organized dance. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Trump represents one faction of the deep state overthrowing another. Maybe he’s the avatar of Kek who will save us from the enslavement of Moloch. Maybe all of the above.
I think it’s more important to unlearn lies than to believe I have an answer.

Hmm, the mouth is a little too big…

I don’t know the route from here, but I remain confident that the intended destination is violence. Somehow, to provoke massive internal strife that will justify the creation of the very full-on totalitarian system that both Left and Right are afraid of coming only from the other side. The Illuminati card game has some strikingly prophetic illustrations in it. If we take this one as a representation of Trump, one possibility is his assassination (The caption reads “At any time, at any place, our snipers can drop you. Have a nice day”). That would certainly be a potent trigger to launch a civil war … but there are others.

Other folks are providing plenty of advice on getting involved to create resilient communities etc. So I’ll just share the most important advice I have:

Become 1000% more skeptical of all mass media you consume. Turn off your TV. I know few people watch TV news these days, but you can’t take for granted that any TV show is “just” for entertainment. It’s no secret that watching it induces a hypnotic state of heightened suggestibility. If you’re going to indulge (I still do occasionally 😛 ) try not to let your critical mind turn off. Constantly examine the details of what’s being presented.

If something huge and shocking happens, automatically disengage from the official narrative unless and until it’s actually proven. The emotional reaction is the key to solidifying a false reality. As soon as you accept the reality, the basic premise, you’re already being funneled to a limited number of conclusions.

If fear rules within us, others will continue to rule us through it.
If we rule ourselves through love, we can’t help but act like human beings.

Update 11/15/16

Ah! Can’t believe I forgot to include this. It was a while ago that I made the association between the Hillary campaign logo and this most-famous T-shirt design.

But there’s even more here than another example of underhanded mockery. After this post was shared, one sharp Facebook user pointed out another image this evokes that reinforces the point I made above about her collapse on 9/11.

Seems to me her campaign was indeed built to fail. Just like the towers.

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  1. Jasun says:

    Cogent & concise, thanks. This was linked to by one of my readers, here. If you’re interested in a chat, let me know:

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  2. random1234 says:

    great post. would be interesting to hear you chat with Jasun.

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  3. Ross Dixon says:

    “The emotional reaction is the key to solidifying a false reality” Enjoyed your writing/thoughts thanks for sharing via F/B Jason

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  4. Cedomir says:

    Not sure how this fits in with the above argument, or if it contributes to the discussion, but I would venture to say that it deserves attention: I know it’s the Guardian and the Observer, but here we are.

    Any opinions?


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