The Occult Numerology of 9/11 – Updated

Occult 9-11 Rev2B-85 Qual

Further Numerology and Ritualized Elements

  • George H.W. Bush’s famous New World Order speech to congress was on 9/11/1990. Exactly 11 years before the attacks.
  • In that speech, Bush encodes another 9-11. “Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective, a New World Order” → 5. “An era in which the nations of the world: east and west, north and south…” → 4. 5+4=9.
    “100 generations have searched for this elusive path to peace, while 1000 wars waged across the span of human endeavor” →100+1000 = 110011

  • Through gematria we see the first plane, American Airlines Flight 11, actually encodes two 11s. A=1, so AA-11 = 11-11. This also hearkens to the spiritual organization founded by Aleister Crowley known as A∴A∴
  • The North Tower (WTC1) was impacted at 8:46:40 and collapsed at 10:28:22. An interval of ~101 minutes.
  • The South Tower (WTC2) was impacted at 9:03:00 and collapsed at 9:59:00. An interval of 56 minutes, 5+6=11.
    (Yes, those times times are exactly at the minute marks. 9:03:00 is the impact time given in the 9/11 Commission Report. However, NIST established this time as 9:02:59… Shucks, only one second off.)
  • September 11th was the 254th day of the year. 2+5+4=11
  • Thus, there were 111 days left in the year.
  • September 11th in the Gregorian calendar is New Year’s Day in the Coptic calendar, the calendar originating in Egypt, traditionally the source of all the Hermetic traditions.

Some more Aleister Crowley context: Since virtually every small number has some interpretation, even multiple conflicting ones, in mystical systems, it’s worth emphasizing that these aren’t just any mystical numbers. 11 is synonymous with magical power across many traditions, while 93 and 777 are no less than the most exalted numbers in Thelema. The role of 93 even has its own, dedicated Wikipedia page.

A primary concern of his study of numerology was finding a way to synthesize the 5 (microcosm) with the 6 (macrocosm). [I think this is one reason for the occurrences of 56 and 65 below] The Unicursal Hexagram, seen top right in the above graphic, is his geometric solution. ABRAHADABRA = 418 is the key numerical, gematria solution “Note the 11 letters, 5 A identical, and 6 diverse. Thus it interlocks Pentagram and Hexagram” (Equinox Vol. 1, No. 5 – Part II – The Universe As We Seek To Make It)
[All caps words in quotes below are transcribed Hebrew]

The Flights

  • 19 Hijackers.
  • AA Flight 11: 11 crew, 81 passengers
    • 8+1 = 9. So 11,9
    • Total = 11+81 = 92 (again, compressed 9.11 and one short of the exalted 93)
  • UA Flight 175: 9 crew, 56 passengers. Total = 65
    • 5+6 = 11. So 9,11
  • Thus, both flights that struck the twin towers encode 9/11
  • AA Flight 77: 6 crew, 58 passengers. Total = 64
    • I’m uncertain about deeper significance here. Except this attribution of 64 which supports the idea of 77 as entrapment in the material: “64=26, will be the perfect number of matter, for it is 8, the first cube, squared.” also “64. DIN and DNI, intelligences (the twins) of Mercury.” (Equinox Vol. 1, No. 5 – Part I – The Universe As It Is)
  • UA Flight 93: 7 crew, 37 passengers. Total = 44.
    • As related above, 93 is the path of ascent associated with the highest human state of 777, the “grand scale” of 7.
    • 37 can be read as “three sevens”, a notion supported by Crowley’s writing:
    “37. IchIDH. The highest principle of the Soul, attributed to Kether. Note 37 = 111 ÷ 3.” (q.v.). (Kether is the highest sphere, the Crown, on the Tree of Life)
    • Concerning 44: “Useful to me chiefly because I had never examined it and so had acquiesced in it as accursed. When it was brought by a messenger whose words proved true, I then understood it as an attack on the 4 by the 11. ‘Without shedding of blood (DM=44) there is no remission'” (q.v. – Part II – The Universe As We Seek To Make It)

If it seems unbelievable that the numbers of people here could have been contrived, I point out that irregularities in official records have led some to question whether these flights were even scheduled for that day.

The Goat and 77

  • There was even chanting by the school children who were demonstrating their reading skills to President Bush at the time. Listen here as they’re led reciting all together “Kite, Kit, Steel, Plane, Must”. Followed by the more famous reading of the story “The Pet Goat”
    (Note: kid = baby goat. The story is essentially a Luciferian one. The girl’s father wants to be rid of her pet goat because of its destructive tendencies, eating everything. But then the goat saves the day by head-butting a would-be car thief.  So the dad declares the goat can stay and eat whatever it wants.)
  • Speaking of goats, here is what Crowley has to say about 77: “OZ, the Goat, scil. of the Sabbath of the Adepts. The Baphomet of the Templars, the idol set up to defy and overthrow the false god – though it is understood that he himself is false, not an end, but a means. Note the 77 = 7 X 11, magical power in perfection.” (q.v. Part II – The Universe As We Seek To Make It)
  • There was a white plane seen circling above Washinton D.C. as events unfolded. This mystery plane was later identified as an E-4B (an advanced communications platform) with the callsign… VENUS77
    • Venus is relevant in this context because in its Morning Star manifestation it is a representation of Lucifer, and because the conjunctions of Venus with the Sun over time form the points of a pentagram (or pentagon).
  • The Pentagon also happens to lie in the 77th meridian W.
    (In addition to being 7 stories, with 25 → 7 sides, 77ft tall, hit by Flight 77, which flew for 77 minutes…)

Etc. ad infinitum

  • There is an anniversary memorial that consists of two light beams cast into the sky near the towers’ former location. The beams are formed by 88 individual fixtures (44 for each tower). Why that exact number of lights? I can’t seem to find any statement from its creators. Here’s where I see it connect symbolically… and it’s rather grim for what’s supposed to be a tribute to the victims.
    • As seen above, 44 is the gematria value of DM, blood. “Here 4×11 = the corruption of the created world” (q.v. Part I)
    • Despite looking like the epitome of squareness, the towers were actually octagons with very short “corner” sides. Hence, looking from above the towers formed a geometric 8-8. (This also connects with Back to the Future. “If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you’re gonna see some serious shit.”)

“More to come…”


The Libri of Aleister Crowley

What On Earth Is Happening, Podcast #69:

The Most Dangerous Book In The World – 9/11 As Mass Ritual. By S.K. Bain, Trine Day, 2012.



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